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veggie caps2
VEGETARIAN CAPS – the veggie softgel solution!

Vegetable and vegan nutrition is a fast growing worldwide trend and becomes more and more important in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Almost all different customer groups are paying growing attention to the impact of their consumption behaviour and are consciously buying sustainably.

Plant-based capsules are a perfect match for your healthy, oily ingredients, creating a coherent…

Raphael Bamert quer
Good is just not good enough – Quality management at Gelpell

„Good is just not good enough.“ Quality and safety are particularly important in the area of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. As Head of Quality Management, food engineer Raphael Bamert ensures that everything is in good order at Gelpell.   When people order from Gelpell, they expect the highest quality. Especially products designed to serve health needs have to meet particularly…

Thomas Jager hell qu2
Team spirit and transparency – Interview with Thomas Jager, COO

„Everyone talks to everyone“  Gelpell COO Thomas Jager on the topic of team spirit and transparency in production At Gelpell, around 40 employees work in two or three shifts. COO Thomas Jager reports on the challenges of company growth and the advantages of the new ERP system.   Mr. Jager, you are COO and Deputy Managing Director at Gelpell. This…

Hard capsules filled with Gelpell
NUTRITION INSIGHT reports about new delivery formats, such like Gelpell beads.

Read the full article on where Gelpell owner Kristina Edvinsson speaks about the advantages of Gelpell beads adds like putting them in hard capsules to offer higher bioavailability.
There is also the possibility of combining substances that would normally interact with each other. For example, vitamin C and iron can be put into two

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