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VEGETARIAN CAPS – the veggie softgel solution!

Vegetable and vegan nutrition is a fast growing worldwide trend and becomes more and more important in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Almost all different customer groups are paying growing attention to the impact of their consumption behaviour and are consciously buying sustainably.

Plant-based capsules are a perfect match for your healthy, oily ingredients, creating a coherent end product. Be ready for your sustainable growth potential – now and in the future.

The development of plant-based capsules is a result of Gelpell’s consistent development work and future orientation.

Our veggie caps utilise the benefits of pea starch as a new soft capsule shell technology. This innovative solution combines the potential of nature with our scientific expertise to your advantage.


  • plant-based (pea starch)
  • shiny clear capsules
  • available in different shapes and sizes
  • temperature resistant
  • soft & flexible texture
  • Addressing healthy diet trends.

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3. Mai 2022